Modify ticket status by email, and default owner in queue


Firstly i’d like to thank BestPractical and all the
community for this excellent piece of software.

I’ve got a couple of questions.

I want to be able to modify a ticket status by sending
an email to rt. I remember that someone posted a way
to do it, using just a scrip and some custom headers
in the email.

Unfortunately, i cannot find it in the web anymore.
Does anyone have a link to that message? I don’t want
to modify the sources, i’d like to use just a scrip.

Also, i’d like to set a default assignee for new
tickets (for each queue, or globally, i don’t mind). I
haven’t found a way, either.
Does anybody know how to do it? With a scrip?
Modifying the sources?

Really, really thanks for your time.

– J

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