Modify template Correspondence

We seem to have this unfortunate problem that some of our users forget why they submit a ticket, especially when done via email for it to automatically create a ticket. So when we respond, they don’t remember why they even put a ticket in the system in the first place. (I know, it’s kind of comical… at least I think it is… :smile: )

How can we modify our Correspondence template so that it always includes the body of the text of the original ticket transaction?

Like for example: I make a ticket with subject: Help me! With body of: I need my computer repaired!!!

When someone responds to the ticket, we’d like to always have the body show up to remind the user of what they asked for; in this case “I need my computer repaired!!!”.

For now we are just throwing the URL in the Correspondence template as a get me by, but it would be awesome for us to get the original body of the ticket in the email too.

I tried a bunch of different ideas from the docs, and have come up short handed. It’s likely a one liner that needs to be added, I just don’t quite know what to use.

This is what we have right now:

RT-Attach-Message: yes
Content-Type: text/html

{$Transaction->Content( Type => “text/html”)}

To view your ticket please click the link below:


We use this on our transaction templates, so that a quick view of the case is displayed when a ticket is assigned.

Just add the lines below in the template you desire :

<b>Initial request by the user:</b></br>

 $Initial_request = $Ticket->Transactions->First->Content(Type => "text/html");