Modify SelfService Menu

I would like to add the items on the right to the SelfService Menu

I think i have to use a callback
but i don’t know how to add the elements

I found in lib/RT/Interface/Web/
the code

$widgets->child( simple_search => raw_html => $HTML::Mason::Commands::m->scomp('SimpleSearch', Placeholder => loc('Search Tickets')) );
$widgets->child( create_ticket => raw_html => $HTML::Mason::Commands::m->scomp('CreateTicket') );

but I don’t understand how to add to the self service menu

Thanks, Paolo

Sorry, the search is present.
I would like the button to create ticket

Hi @guizzonp

Did you notice the “New Ticket” at left upper corner in SelfService?

This menue-item ist followed by a page of availiable queues including the description of the queue. One cannot get the description in the dropdown you want to display.

IMO this way is very fine to users. Some internal user like more to use this interface in our company.

Your file:

is already a local extension. Did you generate the file or is there already some content?

I don’t know much about callbacks. So I would copy
/share/html/Elements/Tabs to /local/html/Elements/Tabs (if it not already exists) and try to find the right place in $build_selfservice_nav

But maybe this is not recommented this way.

Regards, Andre.

Hi Paolo

Try something like this in the SelfService callback (local/html/Callbacks/LocalTabs/Elements/Tabs/SelfService)

my $foo = Menu->child( foo =>
title => loc(‘Foo’),
description => loc(‘Some stuff’),
path => loc(’/SelfService/foo.html’),