Modify of

I’d like to modify (or otherwise fix the problem) to do the

Normally, unowned (nobody/undef) tickets are given to an Owner who
replies to the ticket. This works great. It’s the tar-baby approach: you
touch it, it’s yours.

I’ve gotten complaints about other users who reply to a ticket after the
ticket’s been resolved/closed. Sadly, the ticket remains the property of
the first owner, who is done with the ticket, and closed it, and now has
to close it again, due to the new person who didn’t bother to see the
ticket was taken care of.

I’d like to make it that:

Tickets that are owned by someone, which are resolved, and which someone
else responds to, are given to that new person, stealing or not.

I think having it autosteal open tickets would be too much, but that (if
easier to code) would also work.


Seth Cohn, General Manager of Eugene Free Community Network

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