Modify.html - custom fields in 2 or 3 columns? (EditCustomFieldsSingleColumn)


we have many custom fields. Is it possible inside Modify.html to have more than one CF per row?

In RT 4.2.6 html/Ticket/Modify.html shows all custom fields (grouped or not grouped) below each other.
Is there a way to have not only one custom field in each row but maybe 2 or 3 ?

I walk through the code - if I make the change (2), 2 columns appears in the Modify.html page. Is there may be a better way? I think my hack is not a good solutiion.

The config setting “EditCustomFieldsSingleColumn” has no effect in Modify.html? Tried to set it to 0,1,2 and ‘undef’.


(1) html/Elements/EditCustomFields:104 (RT 4.2.6) - adding “$AsTable=0;” (Called from html/Ticket/Modify.html)


  • $AsTable=0;
    $AsTable ||= $InTable;
    my $FIELD = $AsTable ? ‘tr’ : ‘div’;
    my $CELL = $AsTable ? ‘td’ : ‘div’;

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