Modifing user

I want to do same export from a software that I use into rt.
New users and disable users work.
Now I want to modify users in rt when I modify a user in the other software.
But I can’t make get the UpdateRecordObject to work.

I do like this:
use lib “/opt/rt3/lib”;
use strict;
use English;
use RT::Interface::Web qw(UpdateRecordObject);
use RT::User;
my $UserObj = RT::User->new(RT::SystemUser);
my @fields = qw(Name);
my %ARGS;
$ARGS{‘Name’} = ‘New value’;
UpdateRecordObject(AttributesRef => @fields,
Object => $UserObj,

But the erorr is :
[Tue Nov 4 09:50:08 2003] [crit]: Undefined subroutine
&main::UpdateRecordObject called at ./rt.modify line 27.

Thank you