Mod_perl 1.99 and 2.0

I’ve installed RT-3.4.5.
OS: Fedora Core 2 (kernel 2.6.5).
I have mod_perl 1.99 installed at my system. According to RTFM:
mod_perl2 is installed during perl-modules installation by cpan.
When I start apache it gives me such an error:

[Sun Jan 29 20:08:06 2006] [error] RT does not support mod_perl 1.99.
Please upgrade to mod_perl 2.0 at /usr/local/rt3/bin/ line
59.\nBEGIN failed–compilation aborted at /usr/local/rt3/bin/
line 63.\nCompilation failed in require at (eval 1) line 1.\n
[Sun Jan 29 20:08:06 2006] [error] Can’t load Perl file:
/usr/local/rt3/bin/ for server, exiting…\n

But there is no mod_perl2 for Fedora Core in repositories. rpmfind gives
a lot of dependences with it (I’ve installed them fo FC4 and my system
was crashed :()
I’ve commented strings “Only for apache2 and mod_perl2” in httpd.conf
but nothing changed.

What should I do? Thanks.

If you use FC4, you can try (it should work but was never tested on FC4):

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