Mobile UI shows HTML tags in correspond/comment text box


I just upgraded from CentOS 7.9 RT 4.4.4 to Ubuntu 22.04 RT 5.0.3. Things seem pretty stable so far, but I am noticing that HTML tags are showing for the Mobile UI in the correspond / comment text box (and anywhere else CKEditor would come up). Also CKEditor buttons don’t show for mobile UI. Anyone else seeing this issue on RT 5 and have a fix yet?

I’m certainly not an expert in this, but after looking into this a bit more, it seems the compatibility check to replace text areas with the ckeditor was returning false on mobile devices. This is most likely because CKEditor version installed for RT 5.0.3 is < than 4.5 (4.13.0) so most browsers won’t be on the whitelist. I ended up commenting out the check in util.js. For the reference info on CKEditor see here.

Of course, if anyone has a more elegant solution, I’m all ears! It seems to be working though.