Missing Ticket - Completely Gone

Running: 4.4.1

Ok so I have a weird one that I would love input on. On Saturday we have a ticket that came in. We have the email that was created when the ticket was created to prove it was in fact created. However the ticket or the user who created it are no longer in any table in the database that I can tell. There are no references to it in the Transaction table. The user is not in the User table, even though I can see in the errorlog file that the user was created. The transactions that created the ticket are missing from the Transaction table. In fact, there is a jump of 10 in the Transaction table right around when this ticket came in. I am not sure where to go from here to see what happened to this ticket.

Can anyone help or point me where I could possibly look to try to retrieve this ticket? I am mostly curious because I want to make sure this doesn’t keep happening.


Does your database log show anything useful?

Something similar happened to me a bit more than a month ago. The issue was that there was an attachment that was bigger than our database’s max allowed packet size. The user got a rejection email and we got an unsearchable and unloadable ticket.

I was able to find in the database log file, the conversation in which the Ticket should have been created, including numerous “SELECT * FROM Tickets WHERE id = ‘(the ticket id)’” lines, but no such ticket subsequently appeared in the database. And there came a point, after a

INSERT INTO Attachments ....
SELECT * FROM Attachments ...

pair where the conversation just ended. After I’d upped the max_allowed_packet parameter (MySQL), and submitted an email with the same problematic attachment, the conversation continued and the ticket got created.


Thank you very much for your response. This may show a bit of my novice-ness, but where might the database log be? Is there a generic place it could be that I could look?

When I look in the Attachments table, I didn’t see anything related to this ticket.

When you said “the conversation continued and the ticket got created”, did you mean the new ticket or that the old ticket finally created?

Where the database log is most likely depends on what database you’re using. We’re using MySQL, and the log file is in /home/mysql/general-log, but that’s not a default setting. Yours might be somewhere in /var/log, if you’re on a linux or BSD system.

“The conversation continued…” was for the (new) test ticket after I’d increased the allowable attachment size. The original one is gone forever.

You have the email that says your ticket was created; does that email indicate that there were attachments or links in the body that might have been problematic?