Missing linking fields

Missing linking fields


When configuring RTIR to manage multiple constituences, our team faced a problem.
We thought, we could add and link incident reports/incidents/invesitgations between them (when associated), however it is not possible to do so, when they are in constituence’s queue.
It is possible in default queues, even though, they have got same lifecycles as new created ones.

Top screenshot comes from default Incidents queue, while bottom describes the consitutency’s ticket.

As You can see, there is no linking section in the bottom, which we expected to be there.
We were wondering, whether it is a feature to enable or is it not really supposed to work like that.

We created constituence and its queues with add_consituency script for RTIR.

Thanks for your help, have a good day!

It seems RTIR hides the default links portlet, you can actually still add links via the advanced tab.

To get them to show-up though you’d need to edit this config:


And adding your new queues to show-up for

Thank you for your prompt reply.
We have enabled LinkedQueuePortlets as you recommended and an a reasult we can now see linked tickets in linked queue, however we cannot create investigations, countermeasures nor incident reports, directly from within an incident ( there are no launch/create buttons ).

There is result in below screenshot attached

You need to do that on the advanced page, the other option would be to edit the RT code to create the launch button like RTIR does for its queues