MinPasswordLength and additional password rules

Hi all,

I’m are using RT 3.8.2 and looking for a possibillity to implement password rules for the RT Users. The only thing I found is that I can set a MinPasswordLength in RT_SiteConfig.pm. So I set the following

Set($MinPasswordLength, 8);

in RT_SiteConfig.pm, cleared the cache (rm -r mason-data/obj) and restarted the apache web server.
The change had no effect.
I’m able to specify a password with six characters only.
If I specify a password with less than five chars I got the error message “Password needs to be at least 5 characters long” which seems to be the default.

Do I have to ajust something else to get it working?

Additionally the following rules are needed:

  • specify out of which characters a password has to be combined.
  • the administrator shouldn’t know the password. So when a user is created the password should be generated automatically and send to him/her by email. Similar to the AutogeneratedPassword template but OnUserCreate only.
  • the user should be forced to renew his password after a certain period.
  • a forgot password link

Is there any chance to realize it?

Best regards,

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