MIME types are generic when I use the CLI rt comment to attach a file

Apologies if I’m sending this to the wrong place.

On my RT 3.6.1 (installed as a Debian package) I’ve noticed that if I
attach a PNG image to a ticket using the CLI, it comes up with a generic
MIME type (application/octet-stream). E.g.

rt comment -m “testing” -a ~/BrainDeadExcelError.PNG 865

If I add a similar comment using the web interface, and include the same
attachment, the PNG gets MIME type image/png as expected.

Is there a way to set the MIME type using the rt CLI as above, or is
this a limitation of the CLI?

I also note, for the little it’s worth, that using either method of
attachment leaves behind a file of the form /tmp/??? after the
operation has completed.

Also for me, attaching large files (e.g. PDFs of size a megabyte or
two), seems to have low stability using the web interface or CLI (i.e.
rt comment …). For example I get connection closed errors through the
web interface, although in some cases the file does actually get
attached anyway. Of course this is not a practice I want to encourage,
but it’s the sort of thing I’d prefer not to have to set a guesstimate
limit on (e.g. attachments must be less than 1.5Mb). It’s probably a
consequence of local Apache / MySQL / mod_perl configuration issues I’d
prefer to avoid tracking down.

We’ve previously used the email gateway (any message size limits that
our configuration imposes have caused only isolated problems): I suspect
that to work around both problems for now, I’ll just directly pipe to
rt-mailgate from my scripts instead of using rt comment.

Preaching to the converted; overall RT is wonderful!