Migration issues from RH RT3(pre-release) to Debian RT3 with RTFM


I am doing a dry run migration from request tracker on Red Hat (a
pre-release of 3) and I’m migrating to RT3 on Debian on a new machine.

I’m ok on the Debian install, apt-get and configure RT3, mysql,
consistent with the configuration on RH.

I can copy the database data from the RH mysql to debian mysql.

I have configured apache2/modperl2 and can browse the database data I
have ported to the new server.

I have installed RTFM Debian package and updated the schema in the
database and I can view some of the RTFM pages, including adding a new

However, I cannot VIEW an article as a user (only as root).

I have a feeling this has to do with the schema in user perms from the
pre-release not being the same schema as the prod v3.

I am using apache2/modperl2 on both systems.

In the near future I will be doing the request tracker 3.4 upgrade on
Debian to get this up to date in the one outage.

If anyone has a clue why I am having permission problems and/or how I
can ensure this migration is complete, I would appreciate it.


Susan Roy