Migrating Queues to a different, existing, RT server

Hi, we have two existing RT installations, lets call them RT-A and RT-B,
both have been active for a long time, and I have been asked to look in
to migrating 2 Queues on RT-A to RT-B, while maintaining as much history
as possible. >_<

RT-A: 3.6.10 on MySQL
RT-B: 3.8.7 on MySQL

Aside from the obvious need to adjust ticket numbers, are there any
other issues to doing this?

If so, which of the following descriptions best describe them?

1: Easy, it’s on the wiki Mr No Search Fu
2: Moderate, you need the right dump and sed
3: Hard, you are going to need serious data manipulation
4: Very Hard, you should probably consider paying to get it done
5: Insane, quit and go pick apples for money

Cheers, Jeff.

Jeff Fearn jfearn@redhat.com
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Engineering Operations
Red Hat, Inc
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