Migrating from RT1 to RT3

Hi all,

I’m trying to upgrade our RT version from 1.07 (yes, i know it’s
extremely old) to RT3. We have about 45,000 tickets in our queue, and
the last time I took a stab at this, it took forever (at least 10 hours)
to convert the tickets from RT1 to RT2 format. I also had to split the
tickets into 10,000 ticket batches since it tended to freeze up if I had
it do all 45,000 tickets at once.

We also need to try to avoid RT downtime as much as possible, since we
do have customers that send in tickets pretty regularly.

Does anyone have any tips on how to handle the upgrade with a minimal
amount of downtime?

The other thing I should mention is that someone erased the first 1,000
tickets in our main queue a few years ago…will this cause any problems
once we upgrade to RT3 and receive new tickets?