Migrate, not upgrade, database

Hi List

We have an RT system that’s been running for over six years, and during
that time it has been upgraded from time to time and is now running 3.8.8
with MySQL. We’re about to upgrade to 4.0.2, but I want to try to fix some
issues we’ve been having.

Back in the olden days, customisations were made to RT by executing
Perl/SQL code. Since then, the UI has facilitated customisations to the
extent that we no longer need to use Perl/SQL to achieve the
customisations we want. However, I suspect something in the deep past has
caused some issues in our database - for example, if we create a new user,
even one with ALL privileges, they do not see a “take” link on tickets
on the homepage (they can open and take tickets without problem). There
are a couple of other oddities.

So what I’d like to do it create a virgin V4 database, and import just the
historical tickets (and maybe users, but without any customisations). A
few questions:

  • is that feasible?
  • which tables do I need to import?
  • do I need to massage any of them prior to import?
  • am I proposing something totally stupid?

I really appreciate any insight that others can offer.

Thank you.
Keith Edmunds
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