Message to different queue


Sorry I miss documation charaper, but did any body
know solution for next situation.

For expale our rt3 instalation will (currently rt2)
be used for proccess noc and abuse e-mail.
Emails to noc will be placef to queue named NOC, and
emails to abuse will be placed to queue named ABUSE.

Sime times message is sended by requester to both email
address (by two email in ‘To:’ field or with ‘To:’ and ‘CC:’),
and by default rt3 place it to two queue.

I try find way to place messages like above to only
one queue.

p.s. sorry for my badly english.
WBR, Alexey G Misurenko ( MAG-RIPE | MMAGG-RIPN )
CTO of Caravan ISP Phone: +7 095 3632252