Message Details formatting

I am running RT 5.0.1 after an upgrade from 4.4.1. Many of the changes have left users pleased with the upgrade, with the exception of one thing. The default spacing within the message fields.

When creating, replying, or commenting on tickets after the upgrade users are noticing and complaining about the double spacing when pressing enter to start a new line. I have been telling users to use Shift+Enter or change the Paragraph Formatting from ‘Normal’ to ‘Formatted’, but they often forget or just don’t like the way that the formatted style looks.

Our previous build did not have this problem. Where/how can I make changes to the default format for single line spacing?

Thank you,

You’ll want to make a local copy of rt5/share/static/RichText/config.js and add config.enterMode = CKEDITOR.ENTER_BR; to your local copy of config.js. Note that the CKEditor documentation recommends against doing this and presents alternatives -