Message body mandatory

Is there a way to make message body(Describe issue below) of ticket mandatory in RT ?

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RT version 4.0.7

please try this addon: GitHub - bestpractical/rt-extension-mandatoryontransition

From the description:

Supported fields
This extension only enforces mandatory-ness on defined status
transitions. It also supports defining mandatory fields when
transitioning a ticket from one queue to another.

Currently the following are supported:

    Requires an update message (reply/comment text) before the


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Well, I’m most interested in applying mandatory-ness in rt/SelfService which is path for unprivileged users when they create ticket, and I’d like that problem which they are explaining to be mandatory ( Describe the issue below: section) which is not a CustomField, I’ve earlier stumbled upon this extension and I don’t see how it can help me, further in Basics extension enlists support for Content, TimeWorked, TimeTaken of which I only have Time Worked in RT 4.0.7 anyway no solution in this version I guess…

I’m not sure how to make it mandatory, but what about some workaround?

  1. You can add som JS code to check Describe field and prevent form submition if it’s empty.
  2. You can add OnCreate Scrip that will check transaction content and reject ticket if it is empty. In this way you can notify Requestor.

Thank you for sugestions, but I see some difficulties here

  1. Where to put this code so that it runs on ticket creation, i guess in Scrip or Template in dashboard
    but does JS code work in dashboard Template or Scrip… and how to integrate JS code with RT objects/classes …

  2. I guess possible solution would be to check Content that is $Transaction->Content and when empty on ticket creation
    rather to write some message to user then to reject ticket, with message I would like to inform user to fill Content
    (Describe issue) field but not to reject ticket if user doesn’t fill this up. I suppose rejecting would mean user has to
    check/fill all Custom fields upon creating ticket once again ?
    So, any suggestion how to check $Transaction->Content in OnCreate Scrip and send some warning like message but
    not to reject ticket…