Message about using an external tool: w3m, elinks, links, html2tex

Dear all,
I’ve install a RT v5.0.1 .
Each morning, a cron execute the rt-fulltext-indexer script, to re-generate the index file.
I note that for this new version of RT, this command generate a wardning message:

[200062] [Fri Oct 15 11:32:04 2021] [warning]: Running with the internal HTML converter can result in performance issues with some HTML. Install one of the following utilities with your package manager to improve performance with an external tool: w3m, elinks, links, html2text, lynx ( /opt/rt5/sbin/ …/lib/RT/Interface/

SO, i’ve to install on my RT server one of this packages to help RT? What i can’t understand is that this package are web browser, if i’m not wrong…

Hope that someone could explain me.


You can run into issues where very large HTML emails timeout due to the Perl HTML render not being very fast. I believe these packages are just better so its suggested to install one

Anyone have suggestion for this so please reply. Thanks in advance.

The fix is to install one of the packages listed

For what it is worth, I would recommend testing several of them; I’ve had remarkably poor and inconsistent results from all of them, and just ended up having to choose the least-bad from the lot. You’ll want to test it with the sort of input that you are most likely to receive…sadly, that’s not always within your control!