Merging two queues - can only move 500 tickets at a time

I’m on RT 5.0.3 and RHEL 8. I’m consolidating one queue into another. If I try to change the queue on 1000 tickets at a time, the web server times out and the log shows “End of script output before headers: rt-server.fcgi”. For now, I’m doing 500 tickets at a time. I tried some of the fixes I found on the web but none helped. What can I do to alleviate this problem?

If you upped timeout options I am not sure there is more you can do via the web UI. You could write a Perl script that uses the RT perl API to do this work and therefor you won’t ruin into a web timeout

As time went on, it started timing out on 500 so I had to reduce to 400 for a while, and then 300. Sigh.

What did you try? If you’re using Apache you can up the timeout value

I upped TimeOut to 300.

If you’re using FCGID you can also checkout these values since its not clear which timeout config you’re changing!

I’ll play with that. Thanks.