Merging Tickets


I’m working on a scrip that will grab the subject of a new ticket and
compare it with existing ticket. If a match is found, the scrip will merge
the ticket. I have the script below.

I have additional requirement where I’ll ignore preceeding characters and
merge if the next characters matched.

An example, this tickets should merge:

existing ticket: "Subject 1"
new ticket: “RE: Subject 1”

this example should merge also

existing ticket: "Subject A"
new ticket: “Fw: Subject A”

this example, should not merge:

existing ticket: "Subject 2GO"
new ticket: “Subject Any”

Thanks in advanced!

my $problem_desc = undef;
my $Transaction = $self->TransactionObj;
my $subject = $Transaction->Attachments->First->GetHeader(‘Subject’);
$problem_desc = $subject
$RT::Logger->debug(“This is the subject to match: $problem_desc”);

look for subject on existing tickets

my $search = RT::Tickets->new($RT::SystemUser);
$search->LimitQueue(VALUE => ‘IT’);
$search->LimitStatus(VALUE => ‘new’, OPERATOR => ‘=’, ENTRYAGGREGATOR =>
$search->LimitStatus(VALUE => ‘open’, OPERATOR => ‘=’);
if ($search->Count == 0) { return 1; }
my $id = undef;
my $same_desc = undef;
while (my $ticket = $search->Next) {
# Ignore this ticket that opened this transaction
next if $self->TicketObj->Id == $ticket->Id;
$ticket->Subject = $same_desc
if ($same_desc eq $problem_desc){
# Found the same subject
$RT::Logger->debug(“SAME $same_desc and $problem_desc”);
$id = $ticket->Id;
$RT::Logger->debug(“Merging ticket " . $self->TicketObj->Id . " into
$id because of OA number match.”);

$id || return 1;

Dear All

Is there a way to prevent ticket merging when the tickets are not in the same queue?

Thank you

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Le 26/09/2016 � 07:44, Thanos Constantopoulos a �crit :


Dear All

Is there a way to prevent ticket merging when the tickets are not in
the same queue?

you have to override the method RT::Ticket->MergeInto for this.

Here is an (untested) sample code to put in rt/local/lib/RT/

package RT::Ticket;

use strict;
no warnings qw(redefine);

my $old_mergeinto = &MergeInto;

*MergeInto = sub {
my $self = shift;
my $ticket_id = shift;

my $MergeInto = RT::Ticket->new($self->CurrentUser);

if ( $MergeInto->Id ) {
        if ( $self->Queue != $MergeInto->Queue ) {
             return ( 0, $self->loc("Can't merge tickets from

different queues ([_1], [_2])", $self->QueueObj->Name,
$MergeInto->QueueObj->Name) );

return $old_mergeinto->($self, @_);



if you only take care of the web interface, youb should be able to block
the merge processing using the callback located in
share/html/Ticket/ModifyLinks.html, by looking at posted args, loading
target ticket and checking queues against $TicketObj->Queue. Then if
queues does not match, push a message in @$Results and delete the merge
from $ARGSRef.

Thank you, working perfectly.

Can You tell me exactly how can i use this script?
I want to merge all my existing tickets, en all my new tickets.