Meaning of wiki wish list headings

I have two questions–

  1. Can someone clarify the meaning of the wiki Wish List headings?
    Work in Progress
    Wouldn’t be implemented
    Unknown State
    Enhanced [CustomField]s
    Config and other options as user preferences
    Installation & Upgrade
    Bad Descriptions
    Features Implemented in RT 3.6

What is confusing me is the seeming mix of category tagging vs. understanding development status, (culminating in the “Release Notes” section about released in 3.6).
As a non-programmer, I’m happy to try and add value by sub-categorizing or elaborating the Other list, for instance, but I’m not quite sure just what the headings mean.

  1. If we kind of clean-roomed it, would it be useful (and okay Jesse?) to put up sections on Wiki Home called Why Ticket, and Sample Configurations, so long as they were our own? I know these headings overlap sections from the RT Essentials book, but for your non-programming user, it would be helpful.

We are trying where I work to replace all email / attachment ticket type exchanges with RT (and then looking at BPM and automation opportunities after that).

R Ed Matthews

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