MaxInlineBody not respected

Jesse and list,

I’ve got a problem with RT displaying attachments inline even when they
are clearly longer than $MaxInlineBody. The attachments are all
text/plain, which matches the code snippet available in
ticket #3042. The info under the download link declares that the
attachment is 150k, but the content still appears (and is displayed as
Chinese unicode, but I think that’s a Safari problem, because any text
editor does the right thing). Any ideas why MaxInlineBody doesn’t work?

Additionally, I have been following the "Question about the data model"
thread with much interest. We also use the purge script, mainly to
clean up the database in hopes of making RT run faster. Any more
information on how to make this work correctly? We also have thousands
of users created by forged spam headers, and any way to get rid of
these would also be appreciated.


Josh Levinger
Dartware, LLC