Max number of users in RT database

What is the maximum number of users which RT database can store, including disabled and active users, I have lots of users which are not needed in system anymore but I don’t want to shredd them cause I’m afraid it can break integrity of RT, so I’m making them disabled (non-privlieged),

Anyway max number of users that can be in DB, if anyone knows

RT version 4.0.7



I do not know about the true SQL engine limit, but RT can handle a lot of users without any preformances problems. (performances problems commes rather with lot of groups …).

To help you here is some users count for different RT instances that does not suffer any problems:

A small one:
PrivilegedUsers: 220
UnprivilegedUsers: 14671
DIsabled: 499

A bigest one:
PrivilegedUsers: 663
UnprivilegedUsers: 51217
Disabled: 42

Thank you for the numbers.