Mass download of attachments

I’m an instructor in an engineering design undergraduate course, and we’re using RT to manage a number of course elements, including assignment submission. My TAs have asked me if there’s a way to “bulk download” attachments?

We’re having students submit a Ticket with their submission as an attached file and a custom category to help us search for the assignments. What would be great would be for a TA to be able to do a “bulk download” of all of the attachments for the tickets in a search result.

I’ve seen an extension from a few years ago that does a portion of this, but it was for a single ticket.

I’m guessing that I might be able to use the REST interface and some (e.g.) Python logic. If that’s the case then some starting points would be really appreciated.

Thanks for your help, and for such a great product; I really like being able to expose my engineering students to industry tools as part of the course infrastructure!