MariaDb Galera cluster and auto increment sequence

I’m just asking if there is a workaround to resolve the following problem we faced when we moved the local mysql db to our Maria DB 10.1 Galera cluster (4 nodes):
RT 4.4.4 seems to work well but we found that when we create a new ticket the ticket ID is not strictly sequential but is a multiple of 4 (for example, if my last ticket ID is 1, the next ticket ID will be 4 and the next 8 and so on…). I talked with our db admin and he explained that this depends on the Galera mechanism to assure unique IDs:
“Do not rely on auto-increment values to be sequential. Galera uses a mechanism based on autoincrement increment to produce unique non-conflicting sequences, so on every single node the sequence will have gaps. See
Is there any way to make ticketing sequence indipendent from table autoincrement value? Or are RT Developers planning to do some fix about this in the next RT release?

Thank you at advance