Mandatory On Transition

I cannot get customfields to be mandatory when resolving a ticket, using the mandatoryontransition extension.
Using the config below, the TimeWorked field is mandatory, but not the two custom fields. I have tried with CF.{ID} as below, and also CF.{Name}, neither seem to work?

Here is my

Set( %MandatoryOnTransition,
  'it-servicedesk' => {
   '* -> resolved' => ['TimeWorked'],
  'it-infrastructure' => {
   '* -> resolved' => ['CF.29', 'CF.26', 'TimeWorked'],

@Matt_Brennan i see you have used this extension before, are you able to help me get the basics working?

I used the field names, without curly brackets.


Set( %MandatoryOnTransition,
    'CustSupport' => {
        '* -> resolved' => [ 'CF.CustSupportCategory', 'CF.CustSupportSource' ],
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Amazing, that fixed it, even though i thought i had tried that multiple times…

I renamed my two CF’s removed the spaces, and changed my config to use names instead of ID’s and it worked.