Mandatory on Transition Issue - Upload one File CF Type


I’m having some trouble with RT::Extension::MandatoryOnTransition, when is used with Upload One File - Custom Field Type. Even when I selected the file that I want to be upload, I cannot Update the ticket and, I still get the message which is telling me that the Custom Field is required. You can see the print screen

P.S. I don’t have these issues with other CF types and I have the latest version of the plugin ( v 0.20 )

I have an idea of what the issue may be. Has to do with the fact that the upload of the file is done on the submission of the Update Ticket Page, and until the submission is complete, the value of that Custom Field is empty. There is a way I can change the behavior of that custom field? To complete the upload before I submit the Update Ticket page?

Is there anything I can do to make this work? Maybe I can change the way the plugin handles the validation of this custom field?


It seems to be a bug, and you can try to edit the extension code but my guess is the fix could be tricky.

You could edit the extension code on local/plugins/

Ok. I will try to report this bug to developers of the plugin