Mandatory fields in Self Service tickets

Hi everyone. I’m setting up RT 3.6.1 on a Fedora core 4 server for a
small organization. Most of the users will just be logging in as
unprivileged users and submitting tickets via Self Service. But for
some reason I cannot get it to enforce mandatory custom fields in that
view. Under the new ticket page for a privileged user it works fine,
but under Self Service it doesn’t enforce. I searched the archives and
wiki and found other people asking about the same issue but no actual
resolutions posted. Does this work for anyone else? If so, did you
have a work around or is something broken in my configuration?

Also, has anyone seen any modules to insert queue specific instructions
into the new ticket screen? It seems like a pretty basic thing but
every combination of search terms I’ve come up with returns thousands of
unrelated hits.



Michael Lederman

Director of Information Technology
Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater