Mandatory fields for unprivileged users via self service


I’ve set mandatory fields, and they are enforced and working as
expected for privileged users.
When an unprivileged user reply to a ticket with those mandatory
fields he can see those CFs, but they are not marked as Mandatory nor

There are 2 problems here, which I would be happy to understand:

  1. The CFs apply to “Ticket” and not “Ticket Transaction” so afaik
    they should only be displayed in ticket creation, not reply/comment. I
    expect this because this is the behavior for privileged users, I see
    those CF in ticket creation and not in reply/comment, so why its
    different for unprivileged user via SelfService? Is this a known bug?

  2. If the CFs are displayed in “Ticket Transaction” when unprivileged
    user replying via self service, why Mandatory CFs are not enforced?

Also see those correspondences to the list:

[rt-users] Mandatory/Required custom field, 2008 Mike Peachy:
"Privileged users are not allowed to create a ticket via the web ui
without specifying a value for the mandatory ticket custom fields.

UNprivileged users ARE allowed to create a ticket without
selecting/specifying a value!"

BUG: Mandatory Custom Fields in RT 3.6.3 doesn’t work in all cases,
2007 Nick Metrowsky:
"1. If you enter a ticket as a privileged user, you must enter a
custom field that is set up as mandatory.
2. If you log in as an unprivileged user, mandatory fields don’t work."

From RT 3.8.2 Release Announcement:
"Fixes and cleanups:

This is obviously not fixed.