Mandatory fields and tiket creation

Hello list,

I’m trying to use the “mandatory” functionnality, and I’m facing a problem.

I have a special queue, let’s say “L1”. Operators who create a ticket in
this queue have some custom fields that I’d like to make mandatory. That’s
what I did. But as you know, there is two ways to create a ticket :

  • You can use the button at the top of the page, named “New ticket in” and
    select the right queue => No problem, the mandatory custom field apears,
    and we can’t validate the ticket until it’s filled
  • You can use the “Quick ticket creation”, fill a subject, select the
    right queue, and click the “Create” button. The ticket will then be
    created in the queue, and you may manually edit it. The thing is, if you
    edit this ticket, you’re no longer forced to fill the mandatory custom
    field. But if you fill it once, it then can not return to blank.

Do you have any suggestion to make a custom field “always” mandatory? Even
if you created a ticket with a blank mandatory field?

Raphael Berlamont.