Mandatory Custom field On resolution in RTIR

Hey people,

I am trying to make the resolution custom field mandatory, But Using RT extentsion mandtory on transition is not working.

Could anyone advice how to achieve this?

If you’re using RT::Extension::MandatoryOnTransition I don’t believe it applies to RTIR since that uses different update pages than RT.

I agree with knation, but in what situation you require that configuration. When you solve an incident you have four options and by default it is selected “successfully resolved” , which would prevent that field from being empty.


I do not want default value to be selected in case the analyst forgets to choose the resolution.
I want to throw an error if the analyst forgets to choose a resolution so that a right resolution is chosen before the incident is closed.


Could you please let me know how do we achieve this in RTIR?

Thanks a lot.

You would have to write some code to use the callbacks in RTIR on update like RT::Extension::MandatoryOnTransition does for normal RT update. It can be made a lot simpler since this is just for your use but I know there is an RTIR/Update.html and RTIR/Incident/Reply/Index.html page so you would need to check both those places for the mandatory fields.


Thanks for your response, but i am not familiar with using RTIR callbacks,
How do we use them?

There is documentation here:

Callbacks allow you to change behavior in RT without editing core RT code. For RTIR’s update page you could use the ‘Initial’ callback to check if the mandatory fields have been set. The file would be this (You can replace ‘MyCode’ with any name you’d like:



Thanks, I will look into the documentation and comment if have any questions.

@craig @knation

Do you guys have code to check this already? I am beginner in perl and would take a lot of time.

Please let me know if you guys have already implemented.

I have not done this

Anyone came up with any solution?