Managing grops rigth

I have searched inside the forum, but I didn’t find my problem solved.

  • I want 2 users group: GeneralAgents and FinanceAgents
  • GeneralAgents can can see all queues and manage all tickets
  • FinanceAgents only one queue and manage tickets only for that queue
    What is the best way to reach the above scenario?
    Many thanks.


For the “GeneralAgents” you can grant rights at the global group level Admin->Global->Group rights

Then for the “FinanceAgents” you can grant rights at the queue level for the one queue they should be able to access Admin->Queue->Some Queue->Group rights

Thanks for reply
I did almost all, but there are a use case not reached:

  • I assigneed the role of Privoledged to then ones are in FinanceAgents group becouse they have to manage tickets
  • Doing this, they cannot see their ticket open, or better, I don’t know how to let them see the Ticket-> Open and Ticket -> Closed visible to all unpriviledged users…
    How can I do?
    Many thanks


Your users who are members of the FinanceAgents group are not able to see some tickets?

My desired scenario is:

  • finance Group can use only a subset of available queues (ok)
  • so they can open tkt on 2 queues and manage and solve tkt of only one queue (ok)
  • what I miss is allow them to see in one place/form their own tkt, exactly an unpriviledged user can do. For queue-1 they can open tkt but other agents solve, but all tkt opened has to be collected…(Ko)
    I’m sure I’m wrong in a config section…

I solved with many configurations, but it works; I created groups and I granted right until obtained as needed.