Managing dashboard subscriptions


We have created a system dashboard that contains a daily report. We use CurrentUser in the saved searches so that it evaluates in the context of the currently logged in user. We can subscribe to the dashboard to receive our personal report in our inboxes each morning. We’ve only just set this up, great feature !

Is there anyway to centrally manage the subscriptions for these to ensure that every user is subscribed to the report, e.g. for any given dashboard see and modify ALL the subscriptions to it, or subscribe a group to the dashboard and have it evaluate in the context of each member of the group ?

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I think you’re looking for group dashboards:

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Not really, that just governs the rights to access a given dashboard. Subscriptions are still individual, unless I’m missing something ?

I do want subscriptions to be individual, since the dashboard is unique to each user but I would like somewhere to check that everyone is subscribed.

Right now I’m poking about in the database but that feels dirty :slight_smile:


This is something I’m needing to setup as well.

What might be a better method is to write a script that’ll go through all the users in a group and subscribe them to the relevant dashboards? Perhaps a group which has access to dashboards can be used to define which dashboards they should be subscribed to.

Rather than poke the database directly, use the RT perl modules.

Apologies, I just now noticed you were talking about subscriptions and not the dashboards themselves, I didn’t read it very well.

I guess this sounds right. Its the Attributes table, right? You might be able to use an initialdata file, it might help a little bit: