Making transaction not change ticket's LastUpdated value?

Hi all,

I have a job run through rt-crontool that changes any stalled tickets which haven’t been touched in 7 days to ‘open’. The job works perfectly, but it also updates the ticket’s LastUpdated value when it runs. This causes my other job, which checks for ticket activity, to skip the recently re-opened tickets. It also causes the relative date I use in my email template to say “0 seconds” instead of the actual date on which the ticket was last modified.

How can I make the transaction this job generates be ignored? I want it to run as it does now, but for the ticket’s LastUpdated value to remain where it was before my job touched the ticket. Is this even possible? Thanks in advance.

Hi Alex,

You could add a ticket customfield and write the lastupdated value to it before you reopen the ticket then use that value if it is set rather than the lastupdated value.

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Hi Alex,

as Martin said, you can add a custom date field and use a scrip to copy the first closed date on transaction into this field.

You can find the sample scrip ‘’ from BSPs’ last training in Paris right here: