Makefile ./configure problem with RT3

When I ran configure I used the following options

[josh rt-3-0-6]$ ./configure --prefix=/usr/local --sysconfdir=/etc
–localstatedir=/var --with-web-user=httpd --with-web-group=httpd

The configure was easy. Then I got through all the perl dependencies
and created the rt group.

When I ran make install it ignored the sysconfdir and localstatedir
parameters. I would up with an file in /usr/local/etc
containing only one line:

Is this a bug? Or was there something I missed.

I have developed a preference for keeping my config files and my log
files in the same spot and the above use of configure seems
good. Though I might be saner if I used /etc/rt and /var/rt to avoid
possible conflicts.

In any case the makefile created is ignoring the directives.

Josh Kuperman