'make initdb' error when installing "RT-Extension-Announce-1.04" in RT 5.0.3

I’d like to have the ability to place an announcement banner on RT, and so I’d like to install the Announce extension on my 5.0.3 RT. However when I run a test install, the “make initdb” step generates an error:

[error]: Invalid Custom Field values source (/opt/rt5/sbin/…/lib/RT/Handle.pm:1337)

I’m not sure what that means, so I’d like to ask if anyone can help explain that error and whether it is a cause for concern before I apply this extension to my production server.


I also received this error with RT 5.0.3

Did you set the config value Set(@CustomFieldValuesSources, (qw(RT::CustomFieldValues::AnnounceGroups))); before running the initdb command?

No–I read that as part of the instructions for RT 4.0 since it lies under the “For 4.0…” heading, so I skipped that and tried the make initdb directly.

I could add the Set(@CustomFieldValuesSources, (qw(RT::CustomFieldValues::AnnounceGroups))); now, but I hesitate to re-run the ‘make initdb’ since the instructions warn “If you run this twice, you may end up with duplicate data in your database.”

Do you have this custom field “Announcement Groups” or queue “RTAnnounce”?

I have the “RTAnnounce” queue, but not the custom field “Announcement Groups.”