Make a ticket through mail


I want my users to be able to send a mail regarding there problem to RT and that RT makes a ticket out of this e-mail. is this possible ? and if so how do i set this up?

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Yep, perfectly possible - in fact its the way most RT installations are run. The rt-mailgate program is what does most of the heavy lifting of getting mail into RT.

Typically this is put into /etc/aliases on your server and then you arrange for mail to be routed to it (that bit is tricky to advise on because it depends how you have mail set up at your local site - best talk to you mail system administrators to find out local details - sometimes people have to use something like fetchmail to poll mailboxes rather than have mail routed to their RT server for example). You may also find this wiki page helpful.

You’ll also need to be able to send mail out from the machine RT is running on both to communicate back to requestors by email and also to notify your staff that tickets have arrived/been taken/resolved/etc. That is done by the normal mail tools on your server - for example sendmail.

I should say that whilst the RT side of email is relatively simple, mail handling itself can be pretty complicated in some set ups, and it is a very localised thing. You might need to adjust what you read in wiki posts and on this forum to fit with your local mail setup outside of RT - as I say, its worth talk to your mail system administrator (unless of course you are the mail system administrator!).


I’d back up what @Greenjimll has said and add in that it’s a good idea to have a look through the various mail options that can be set in Especially if your thinking of having multiple addresses mail in/out





If you want to use your existing mail server, you can use fetchmail to pull in emails from the server and pipe it into rt-mailgate. Here’s a redacted .fetchmailrc that I use for pulling emails off an Exchange server:

set logfile /opt/rt4/var/fetchmail.log
set pidfile /opt/rt4/var/
poll via with proto IMAP
        auth password
        user "COMPANY\\" password "Not4u2cEva!" mda "/opt/rt4/bin/rt-mailgate --queue Support --action correspond --url"
        options folder Inbox ssl

Once in place, just add a cron job to keep fetchmail running - fetchmail will stop if it is already runnning in daemon mode:

# crontab -l -u www
* * * * * fetchmail -d 60