Main screen user - All tickets

Hi everyone. I’m a RT newbie. I’m using RT 4.4.2
Our IT Helpdesk perssonel must have all tickets (and all columns) from a queue (pending, active, closed, etc.), in the main screen (RT at a glance).
Would anyone help me on how to do this, or point me where to read about it?

Thanks in advance for your help


You can edit the “at a glance” portlets to add additional columns, by clicking “edit” at the top right of the portlet - you’ll need to be admin to make the changes to groups of people though. Ditto for any saved searches. Don’t think you can show all tickets though. You can set DefaultSummaryRows to be larger than 10, but 1) this is a global setting and 2) it will only show up to the number you’ve given