Main Email setup for RT

Hi Guys,

I’m wanting to use my Gmail account for setting up in RT, as main to send requests. Does any anyone know where bouts you set it up in RT?

I have sendmail mailutils running on Ubuntu 18.04.

I appreciate your help.


You will have to set those email addresses in the file, I believe. Check the RT documentation.

For your Gmail account do you have admin rights through Gsuite? Or is it a normal free Gmail account? I have successfully set-up an RT using Gmail before but I had to change some admin settings in order for it to work successfully.

Hi Craig,

Its a normal Gmail free email account, tried adding addresses in the file, but still no sending. If you could guide me where bouts in the admin area to change this?



You will need to use a software to like Fetchmail or Getmail to fetch the mail from you Gmail inbox using POP or IMAP (You can enable this in your Gmail settings) for incoming mail.

Then you will need to set-up outgoing mail to relay to the messages from RT to your Gmail account to be delivered. There are a lot of good tutorials online for using Postix to send mail using an external SMTP server, I would suggest starting there for outgoing.

In the past when working with Gmail I enabled “less secure app connections” to my Gmail account so that it would not panic when it saw an email from my RT server. I do not know off hand if this is possible with a free account and if it is not there is a chance Gmail will not allow you to relay email to your account.

Actually it looks like you can create an app specific password under the normal Gmail security options, which should mean your app won’t be “less secure”.

Hi Craig,

Thanks! Managed to get it working with Sendmail. I can send emails now, no issues(Outgoing working!). The only problem seems to be now when replying from the request on the personal emails back to RT(incoming). RT don’t seem to pick them up, so no comments recorded when a person replies…

Do you know how to get this part working?