Mailgate creates duplicate users


I’m setting up my main RT instance, with web interface, on a CentOS
host. Another CentOS host provides our mail service so I have
installed mailgate on it. A third host provides external
authentication on Active Directory.

Most things are working but when I send an email through mailgate to
RT, RT creates a new user account for it. It uses the name
"monitor". This may be connected with a CentOS user account of that
name, though I don’t know why it should be.

I would like RT to realise that the email was sent by a user who
already has an RT user account, and to use that account for the
ticket. If the user does not already have an account, RT should check
with the external authentication server, and import information in the
same way as if the user had logged in on the web interface. I’m not
sure yet what I want to happen if the user does not exist on the
authentication server or in RT - I don’t really want lots of anonymous
accounts! But that’s a separate issue. the rea problem is getting RT
to recognise users who DO have accounts, either internally or

I’ve had a search through the wiki and but I don’t see
anything that quite does this.

Any suggestions where I should be looking?

And a minor question: after I have finished experimenting, can I just
wipe the slate clean by dropping the database and re-initializing it?

Richard Arkner