Mail: return address vs From

RT3.0.7_01, Perl 5.8.0, SunOS5.8

We have multiple queues in a single instance of RT on an intranet. All mail
is routed properly. However, the From field is wrong on all but one queue
(which is the first one we set up), but the RT mail aliases in Lotus Notes
all have the proper From and return entries.

For example, email into Queue B generates the autoresponse to requestor,
the From field is “Queue B Requests” and the return address is

OnStatusChange and OnCorrespond generate email to requestor, the return
address is but the From address shows “Queue A
Requests” in the actual email.

This happens for every queue.

I have no idea where to look to change this so all email from Queues B, C,
D have the proper From and return address (which is set in Queue config).

Thanks for any help and sorry for the bad explanation.

Joe Micciche