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Our Exchange setup has gone through two variations:

  1. I set up a Contact (listed in Global Address List) that pointed
    directly to the RT box (
    Problem was, most of our users were already used to e-mailing an
    existing Mailbox ( with issues, so we went to:

  2. I set the HelpDesk Exchange Mailbox to automatically forward all
    messages to the RT box (default incoming queue). No messages are stored
    in the Exchange Mailbox. This is working great.

I did have to set up the MX record in DNS. Fortunately, we’re using
RT strictly for internal IT help desk issues, so my message routing is
very simple. The MX DNS entry also allows all of RT’s reply/comment
queue-specific e-mail traffic to route properly.

It’s still officially in testing; we’re up to a whopping 200+ tickets
total now.

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Lewis said:
Since I don’t know anything about exchange maybe I am way off base here
but why can’t exchange just forward any mail to the address onto the rt
address on the rt server?

I think that would be a possibility. I actually wanted to go this route,
but my boss was happy using the fetchmail solution.

I am not an expert on this stuff, but I think the setup you mentioned
would entail setting an MX Record in the DNS (can anyone confirm this)
(my boss told me DNS was off limits to me). Then I believe you are
correct about Exchange having an option where you could forward to You would also then have to make sure
sendmail, Postfix, Qmail or Procmail were installed correctly on the

So, hence, fetchmail basically fits our needs, and wasn’t terribly
difficult to setup. Angelo, please let us know how things turn out for