Looking for assistance with getting started with RT development

Hello everyone,

I work for an organization that uses RT as their ticketing system, and have thought of some features I think would be convenient that are not currently implemented into RT, which has made me interested in experimenting with development.

I figured I would create a thread to see if anybody could provide me with some assistance with getting started. I have basic knowledge of Github, HTML, CSS, and Javascript. It seems the site mainly uses Perl which I could learn.

I am mainly looking to know how I would be able to quickly download RT’s source code, so that I would be able to run it in an offline development environment. I took a class in Github, but will need to review how to download the source code. Would I be able to download the source code from github, then run the site or parts of it on my localhost address? Or will I be required to get into starting a webserver with apache?

Please excuse my minimal knowledge. I just figured I would create a thread for some form of guidance to help me get started.

Thank you.

You can clone everything from here:

Then to get started there are a few steps:

  1. Run ./configure.ac --help and design your configure command, for example mine looked like this ./configure.ac --with-db-type=Pg --enable-developer --enable-layout=inplace --with-libs-owner=me --with-libs-group=staff --with-db-dba=root

  2. Make sure you have everything installed that RT needs. By default RT uses the perl found in your PATH. I suggest installing and setting up something like Perlbrew and installing a new version of Perl then running make fixdeps

  3. Then once all deps are installed you can run make install and make initdb and should be able to run RT on your local machine with sbin/rt-server

Hopefully you’re not on windows as I’ve never messed with RT on windows