Logout after clicking 'Home'


I have just installed RT on a new machine. The installation went very
with a newly install mysql 3.23.39, Perl 5.6.1, apache 1.3.20 and
mod-perl 1.25.

The only thing I messed up was when I put an unescaped ‘@’ into
$CommentAddress and $CorrespondAddress in <rt2_home>/etc/config.pm .
To make this more safe one could put the default values into single


I have set the timezone to ‘Germany’, which is propably not correct
on my Linux-machine.

On a different machine I already had a test installation of a recent
In order to import my previous requests I did a mysqldump of the old
RT-database and imported it onto the new machine.
old_machine>mysqldump --add-drop-table -u root -pxxxxxx rt > rt.dump
new_machine> cp $MYSQL_HOME/var/rt2 $MYSQL_HOME/var/rt2_backup
new_machine> cat rt.dump > mysql -u root -pxxxxx rt2

After that I could view my old requests in the web-interface.

The only problem I now have that clicking ‘Home’ logs every user out.

Does that sound familiar to anybody?

CU, Bernhard

PS: Is somebody interested into a DBD::RAM port of RT2 ?
It might be nice for demonstration and testing.

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