Logo and RTFM on self serve not working


I have some dumb questions.

I have a demo tomorrow but am stuck on the following

I change the best practical logo as per the wiki, but I get a broken
image. To try find out why it breaks, I then rename my sjclogo.gif to be
every instance of bplogo.gif to see if the new logo works, but only get
a broken image. Is there something wrong with my logo image, I have
tried two and they work on other web pages?

Any ideas. I have changed ownership to be the same and permissions to.

  1. How do I get the RTFM to be visible to non priv users in SelfService?
    All my privlaged users get it.

Pls , if you can, Specific example will help my tired mind.


cpwe.vcf (268 Bytes)