Login page logo css issue

Hi All
I am having a problem with web login interface.

I wanted to change the logo and followed instruction in another
thread, i.e. in SiteConfig

$WebImagesURL points to the base URL where RT can find its images.

Set($WebImagesURL , $WebPath . “/NoAuth/images/”);

$LogoURL points to the URL of the RT logo displayed in the web UI

Set($LogoURL , $WebImagesURL . “empty_star.gif”);
Set($LogoLinkURL , ‘http://www.mywebsite’);
Set($LogoImageURL , $WebImagesURL . “empty_star.gif”);
Set($LogoAltText , “myweb_site.com”);

Retarted apache but I do not see the new logo. Actually looking at html sources
everything seems ok as

BEST Practical Solutions, LLC corporate logo RT for AXL
but logo displayed is still bplogo.gif? Also, I see at the end of the *html source another strange thing

Time to display: 0.020637

»|« RT 3.8.1 Copyright 1996-2008 Best Practical Solutions, LLC.

but I cannot see the Time to display string either. So thought error
was due to some css problem…looking for css, at top of source I have

but I cannot find *squished.css anywhere?!
[XXX@YYY rt3]#find . -name *css | grep squished
[XXX@YYY rt3]#

I have ./share/html/NoAuth/css/web2/main.css, should I use that? if
so, how do I set the change in css to use
as RTConfig seem not to set *squished.css in any variable.