Login issue from postman

I got a login issue while logging in to RT from the postman. When I tried to log in it showing the error “Your username or password is incorrect”, but I could log in from the browser using the same password and username. Can someone please help me to solve this issue? I am adding the request which I send from the postman and its response below

request : https://rt.reflectionsinfo.com/?user=chatbot.user&pass=Ch123$btu%23$


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<div id="logo">

    <a href="http://bestpractical.com"><img


alt="Request Tracker logo" /></a>

        <span class="rtname">RT for rt.reflectionsinfo.com</span>


<div id="quickbar">

    <div id="quick-personal">

        <span class="hide"><a href="#skipnav">Skip Menu</a> | </span>

        <span id="not-logged-in">Not logged in.</span>



<div id="header">



<div id="body" class="login-body">

    <div class="results">

        <div class="error">

            <div class="titlebox error " id="">

                <div class="titlebox-title">

                    <span class="left">Results</span>

                    <span class="right-empty">                    </span>


                <div class="titlebox-content " id="TitleBox--_NoAuth_Login_html--error----UmVzdWx0cw__---0">

                    <ul class="action-results">

                        <li>Your username or password is incorrect</li>


                    <hr class="clear" />





    <div id="login-box">

        <div class="">

            <div class="titlebox" id="">

                <div class="titlebox-title">

                    <span class="left">Login</span>

                    <span class="right">                4.4.4    </span>


                <div class="titlebox-content " id="TitleBox--_NoAuth_Login_html------TG9naW4_---0">

                    <form id="login" name="login" method="post" action="/NoAuth/Login.html">

                        <div class="input-row">

                            <span class="label">Username:</span>

                            <span class="input"><input name="user" value="" id="user" /></span>


                        <div class="input-row">

                            <span class="label">Password:</span>

                            <span class="input"><input type="password" name="pass" /></span>


                        <input type="hidden" name="next" value="c4b86d88ce4e2250296e06c80713d116" />

                        <script type="text/javascript">


if (window.location.hash) {

    var form = jQuery("form[name=login]");

    form.attr('action', form.attr('action') + '#' + window.location.hash.replace(/^#/, ''));




                        <div class="button-row">

                            <span class="input"><input type="submit" class="button" value="Login" /></span>



                    <hr class="clear" />




        <div class="login-help">

            For local help, please contact smg@reflectionsinfos.com


    </div><!-- #login-box -->

</div><!-- #login-body -->

<hr class="clear" />


<div id="footer" title="Best Practical Solutions, LLC, copyright and logo">

    <p id="time"><span>Time to display: 0.01084</span></p>

    <p id="bpscredits"><span>&#187;&#124;&#171; RT 4.4.4 Copyright 1996-2019 <a href="http://www.bestpractical.com?rt=4.4.4">Best Practical Solutions, LLC</a>.

    <p id="legal">Distributed under <a href="http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-2.0.html">version 2 of the GNU

            GPL</a>.<br />To inquire about support, training, custom development or licensing, please contact <a

            href="mailto:sales@bestpractical.com">sales@bestpractical.com</a>.<br /></p>


Shouldn’t you be hitting one of the REST APIs? This is just the normal web login

Yes, this one is for login into the RT site. Is this issue happened because of the special characters in the password? I tried with another username and password which is having only @ as a special character. And that works from the postman. But when I tried with the above-mentioned password and username from the postman it’s not working.

I have also same issue any suggestion for this so please reply. Thanks in advance.

Facing same Issue looking for a solution. Did you find any solution.

Try sending your credentials using Authorization tab in postman, select authorization type to basic Auth.