Log for emails sent by RT

I’m trying to find out which scrips or setting is sending emails to a particular email address.
Is there a log to see this?
Is there a certain log level that needs to be set?
Thank you

There are two easy ways to do this.
The email includes the ticket number and scrip number in the MessageId.
Also there is a ViewEmail permission that will show all outgoing emails for a ticket. There will be a clickable transaction after each action on the ticket giving you full details.

Thank you for this.
The receiving email is another system so we can’t see headers unfortunately.
How do we access the ViewEmail permission?
Is there a link or screenshot you can share?
This is in the ticket?

Its one of the rights you can apply to a user or group. However if you’re an admin user in RT you have all the rights, so should see the clickable transaction action in the history for a ticket.